the Table – a community of faith

We are a new church starting in the northeastern area of Dublin.

Okay, a new church in Dublin…but why?

Aren’t there already enough? And didn’t everyone give up on the whole church thing?

So Why?

We believe that being part of a church is about being part of an extended family…not about attending a weekly event or joining a highly structured organisation.

We believe that the church gathers for the purpose of encountering God and connecting with people…not to sit in chairs watching a musical performance and listening to monologue.

We believe that every follower of Jesus has gifts and talents and should be encouraged to develop and use them…not simply watch while a small group of religious professionals do their thing on stage.

We believe that in the church any power and authority should be dispersed throughout the community, not consolidated in the hands of one or a few.

We believe the church should be focused on loving God and loving our neighbour…full stop.

So What?

We are looking for like-minded people interested in starting and being part of a helping start a new Jesus-centred faith community. If you would like to challenge yourself while serving God and your neighbour, we could love to chat!

Sound interesting?

Click the button below and drop us a note.

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The Table • 20 Harcourt St. Dublin 2, D02 H364 

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