The Table – a Jesus Centred Community of Faith

We are a new  church beginning on Dublin’s Northside

A new church in Dublin?

Aren’t there enough churches here already?
And seriously, who goes to church anymore?

So, Why the Table?

We started the Table because: 

We see a need for a safe space to explore faith, ask questions, and express doubts.

We see a need for a community of faith centred on the Jesus we read about in the gospels.

We believe that church is not a place you “go”, but a caring community, a family you are part of.

We think church is not supposed to be a “service” you attend…where you passively watch religious professionals deliver monologues and do religious stuff. Instead, it is a gathering where we encourage one another to become more like Jesus.

We believe a church community should equip people to be present, and serve where they live, rather than on attending meetings.

We believe power and authority should not be given to one person or a small group but should be shared by the whole church as widely as possible.

We believe that the two main things the church should be doing is, loving Jesus and loving our neighbour.

Sound Interesting?

We are looking for like-minded people interested in helping start a new Jesus-centred faith community that reaches those around us with the life-altering news of Jesus!

Whether you have been following Jesus for a while or are curious to learn more about him, if you would like to challenge yourself while serving God and your neighbour, we would love to talk! 

Use the button below to drop us a note…

If you have been hurt by the church, we know you read this page with suspicion. We get it.
And we won’t insult you by simply telling you, “Try us, we’re really different!”
But we’d love to buy you a coffee (or a pint) and have a chat…no strings.

Of course, if you’d like to learn a bit about who we are and what we do on your own, just click the button below

Keep up with the Table

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The Latest from the Table

Interested in a Church Planting Internship?

Interested in a Church Planting Internship?

We have been looking forward to sharing this news for a while! The Table is offering a 12-month church planting internship! And did we mention it's paid? The person accepted into this role (which is open to male and female candidates) will work closely with the...

Covid Update

Covid Update

We are sure you have heard the news already, but as of this past weekend, Ireland has lifted nearly all Covid restrictions! So, starting in February one of our Sunday worship gatherings will be in person, while the second will remain online. As the spring progresses...

Christmas Carol Gathering – December 19, 2021

Although we can't meet indoors, we are still holding our Christmas Carol Gathering @ Father Collins Park in Clongriffin. We will begin at 3:30 near the waterfall wall. The scripture readings and the words for the songs will be available online. You can access them...

Emotionally Healthy Relationship Course

Emotionally Healthy Relationship Course

Starting on Thursday, October 21, 2021, we are going through the Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course. Due to Covid-19, we will be hosting the course via Zoom. If you are interested in learning more, or signing up, head over here.

Introducing The Table – a Community of Faith

Introducing The Table – a Community of Faith

We wanted to take a bit of space and share some key ideas and concepts about the Table. Of course, this is always a work in progress and we would love your thoughts. Today, we want to The Table is a new faith community starting in the city of Dublin. We currently meet...

What if...

It isn’t news that a lot of people have given up on the church. We get it. There are too many stories of horrible things done by churches and their leaders. Some of us have been on the receiving end ourselves a few times.

Below are a few articles explaining how we are we are trying to follow Jesus as the church without all that other stuff. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

What is Polycentric Leadership?

What is Mutual Submission?

Why Are We Called the Table?