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The Table has a non-hierarchical leadership structure you can read more about that here.

About Our Team

We are a group of Jesus followers who live in and around the Dublin area. Some of us are Irish, and some of us are from other countries, but we are united in our desire to share the love of Jesus with our communities.

The Table is led by Wallace and Dee Jones, and Bob and Elizabeth Wilson.

Pastors at the Table

Bob & Elizabeth Wilson 

Before moving to Dublin in 2012, the Wilsons planted and then led the Vineyard Church of Ithaca for 13 years. Elizabeth was the Worship Arts Pastor, and Bob was the primary teaching pastor and led the pastoral staff. While in Ithaca, Bob was a University Chaplain at Cornell. Bob and Elizabeth also started and led University Student ministries at the University at Albany and Cornell University.

The Wilsons have three adult children and one daughter in secondary school.

Bob writes at and is part of a new improv team in Dublin. Elizabeth teaches music lessons in local schools and privately. The Wilsons enjoy board games and having a house full of people.

Wallace & Dee Jones

Wallace and Dee are both originally from Alabama but have lived in Ireland since 2003. After thirteen years of living in Connemara, they moved to Dublin in the summer of 2016. They both have degrees in counseling and have years of experience working with youth and university students in churches and other ministry programs.

Wallace is currently working on his doctorate and will be finished in 2025. Wallace and Dee have a deep love of history, the arts, and adventures with their dog, Indiana.

Table Trustees

Bob Wilson

Elke Köker

Nick Webb

Marilyn Nyquist

Colin Sharkey

Wallace Jones

Child Protection Committee

Elizabeth Wilson

Child Protection Officer

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