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Join Us Via Video

Beginning in September, we will return to our schedule of gathering two Sundays each month for worship. 

We will also make a video link available for those who wish to join that way. We are currently using Google Meet.

The link will be posted here by August 26 prior to our September 4 gathering.

*Please note: You are welcome to leave. your camera off and just observe. However, for the safety and security of everyone, if your camera is off, you will be muted as well.

Other Gatherings

In addition to the two worship gathering, we have other events through out the month. We generally have at least one party/dinner where we invite our friends (Pancake Tuesday, Eurovision, Thanksgiving, Easter Dinner and St. Stephen’s Day are a few of our favourites.


We also have missional events going through the month.

To learn more, drop us a note and someone will get in touch with you.  

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