We are sure you have heard the news already, but as of this past weekend, Ireland has lifted nearly all Covid restrictions!

So, starting in February one of our Sunday worship gatherings will be in person, while the second will remain online. As the spring progresses we will reevaluate and see how this is suiting everyone.

Here is the plan:

  • The first Sunday of each month will be in person at the Wilsons in Clarehall.
    • People are welcome to show up anytime after 10:30 to hang out & have some coffee.
    • We’ll start around 11:00 and end with a meal together.
    • We will arrange it so people can still join via Zoom.
  • On the third Sunday, of each month, we will continue to meet online.

Also, by the end of February, we hope to have our weekly micro churches up and running. Drop us a note if you would like more information.

Finally, we have created a calendar you can subscribe to if you would like to know what is happening when. You can subscribe using this link.

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