We wanted to take a bit of space and share some key ideas and concepts about the Table. Of course, this is always a work in progress and we would love your thoughts. Today, we want to

The Table is a new faith community starting in the city of Dublin. We currently meet on the city’s Northside and online. We plan to begin a network of parish-basedJesus-centred communities of faith in the Greater Dublin area. These micro-churches will collaborate for training and seeking ways to serve the Greater Dublin area while at the same time focusing on demonstrating the good news of the Kingdom where they live and work.

We recognise words and phrases in that sentence while having significance for us, require definition. This post (as well as others still to come) seeks to do that.  

What do we mean by “micro-churches” and “parish-based”?

When most people think of church, the public gathering on Sunday is one of the key images. And for many churches, that is the centre of their life. This means it is normal for people to commute from across the city and gather in one place for 60 to 90 minutes before returning to their own homes. 

Micro-churches are not simply a church activity such as a typical Bible study or small group. Micro-churches are the primary mean of disciple-making, ministry and mission at the Table.

So, rather than a large centralised weekly gathering, The Table will be a network of micro-churches based in parishes across the city.


We use the word parish, recognising that it carries some baggage. However, when we say parish, we are thinking of: an area that is large enough to live in (work, live, play) but small enough to be known


an area that is large enough to live in (work, live, play)
but small enough to be known

For us, a parish is based on naturally occurring connections within a community, not rigid, arbitrary boundaries.

What does a micro church look like?

Micro-churches will likely vary based on the parish they are in and the people who make up that community. While there are activities each micro-church will do, there will be freedom for what that looks like.

A few specifics:

Micro-churches are generally between 10 and 30 people (including children). 

Micro-churches typically meet in homes and share a common meal, but they can likewise gather in cafés, pubs, or other public spaces. They may also meet online.

Micro-churches relate to each other and seek to encourage, support, and bless one another, however, their main focus is to serve and bless the community in which they live. 

Micro-churches will emphasise an Upward (God), an Inward (church) and an Outward (larger community) focus.

Any thoughts? Other things you are wondering about? Let us know.
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Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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