It is normal that when summer comes, everyone wants to travel and get out. And after 16 + months of lockdown, that seems even more true this year.

Because of this, our summer schedule is going to be far more hit and miss than normal.

  • We still plan to meet monthly on Sundays…perhaps even in person over brunch! But it may be last minute notice.
  • As lockdown continues to lessen, we also plan to have a few parties, game nights and meet-ups.

The best way to keep in touch are: sign up for our email newsletter (use the form below), or send us a note and request to be added to our WhatsApp announcement group (which we will keep as noise-free as possible:)

And if you are in the Dublin area, and are looking for a Jesus centred faith community to connect with, we would love to connect. Please use our contact form, and we will get back within 24 hours.

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